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Plate offers for big groups



Beyond the traditional restaurant culture, we have dreamed of creating a special establishment inspired by the American barbecue world. By avoiding the clichés, our goal was to establish a real authentic barbecue restaurant, which will bring us closer to the American lifestyle and passion for meat.

By discovering the southern states of the US, we collected experiences and met the very least secrets of making traditional barbecue. We would love to share a slice of America with Hungary-based meat and barbecue enthusiasts by our restaurant. We are very pleased that this dream is now a reality: Budapest Barbecue Company is an authentic American style barbecue restaurant that goes beyond our previous expectations, we await for authentic American barbecue enthusiasts on every day of the week.


Lunch with colleagues, a birthday party, or just a dinner with friends – it doesn’t matter, if there is a reservation for at least 6 people, you can choose from our special plate offers. This has great advantages: 1. you don’t have to wait so much time for the food to be at your table; 2. you can taste more than one kind of barbecue meat and other delicious treats.

Our special plate offers includes mainly BBQ meats, but according to your wishes we can prepare you any kind of mixes. The offer is available in case of a reservation in advance for at least 6 persons and telling us your plate choice at the same time.


One of the following soups can be selected for the whole group:

  • Corn cream soup with smoked chicken breast, cheddar cheese and tortilla chips
  • Tex-Mex beef soup with vegetables and vegetables
  • Pumpkin cream soup with toasted pumpkin and coconut milk
  • Hot pear soup with gorgonzola cheese and crispy pharma ham

Price: 1090 Ft /person


Pork ribs plate


BBQ pork ribs: 750g/person

Homemade cheddar-potato bread

Sides: steak potato wedges, steamed mixed vegetable with thyme, coleslaw, corn salad with beetroot, pickled radish with rice vinegar, pickles

Price: 4 090 HUF /person

Classic BBQ plate


Barbecue bound of trotters with crisp pig skin, barbecue pork ribs, USDA beef brisket, smoked Andalusian beef sausage, smoked white pudding with duck liver, smoked chicken breast stuffed with jalapeno and cheddar

Homemade cheddar-potato bread

Sides: steak potato wedges, steamed mixed vegetable with thyme, coleslaw, potato salad with beetroot, Fermented red cabbage, pickled radish with rice vinegar, pickles

Price: 4 290 HUF /person

USDA beef brisket plate


40 dkg beef brisket /person

Homemade cheddar-potato bread

Sides: steak potato wedges, coleslaw, steamed mixed vegetable with thyme, potato salad with beetroot

Price: 4.950 HUF /person

Premium plate

budapest barbecue company

Barbecue pork ribs, homemade Andalusian beef sausage, smoked white pudding with duck liver, smoked confit pig emperor, sosemary smoked lamb shank, beef cheks braised with red wine, barbecue turkey leg with sage

Homemade cheddar-potato bread

Sides: steak potato wedges, coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn salad with beetroot, fermented red cabbage, pickled radish with rice vinegar, pickles, green beans with bacon, roasted carrots with honey and chilli, red wine gravy, cheddar sauce

Price: 5 550 HUF /person

Exclusive plate


USDA beef brisket, grilled whole prawns, rosemary smoked lamb shank, USDA beef sirloin, USDA beef ribs, grilled duck breast with honey thyme.

Sides: crushed baby potatoes with scallon, steak potato wedges, coleslaw, mac and cheese, steamed mixed vegetables with thyme, corn cob, buttered green beans with cherrytomato

Price: 12 500 HUF /person


One of the following dessert can be selected for the whole group:

  • Lemon cheesecake made with sicilian ricotta
  • „Mézeskrémes” special hungarian creamy pastry
  • Hot chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Poppy seed with red cranberries and lemon mascarpone

Price: 1 090 Ft /person


In case of any questions, for more information or reservation please contact us!

See you soon!
Budapest Barbecue Company

Reservation: budapestbarbecue.hu/asztalfoglalas
Requests: info@budapestbarbecue.hu
Further information: +361/611-01-99

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