Crossing the traditional restaurant culture, we dreamed of a specialty restaurant inspired by the traditional American barbecue world. Avoiding clichés, we strove to create a genuine, authentic barbecue restaurant that will bring the American feeling of life and the passion of the southern states to meat closer to others.

Through America’s legendary barbecue restaurants, we gathered the experience and discovered the tiniest secrets of making the perfect barbecue. We intended to give a slice of America through the restaurant we dreamed of for meat and barbecue fans living in Hungary. To our greatest joy, this dream is now a reality, as we have opened our unparalleled American style barbecue restaurant, the Budabest Barbecue Company, at the border of Pest and Buda, at Jászai Mari Square. In a demanding environment, yet in an authentic atmosphere, we serve our American inspired food, which we prepare with long-lasting care and patience so that our guests can truly meet the tastes. We only work with the best quality meat, no matter how far we have to go. Our beef dishes are made of USDA beef, and our pigs are made of KMS-certified pork, which are smoked in an American smoker on slow-fire with hickory and apple-tree, often for 14 hours – which makes barbecue a real art.

For us, this is love because we love the authentic BBQ food and the miracle they go through to create a perfect gastronomic moment for all our guests. We hope that whoever visit us will meet the tastes and atmosphere like nowhere else and will make him feel our passion for this restaurant. All meat lovers are welcome at the 13th St. Stephen’s Boulevard, where we make all our food with endless efforts and enthusiasm, as our guests can only leave with satisfaction!

Meet us with the finest barbecue dishes!

Try our barbecue lunch menu from 11:30 to 14:00 Monday to Friday! We are also looking forward to welcoming big companies, contact us for to organize your event.

Peter Kiss and David
the owner of the Budabest Barbecue Company